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RC Bali Kuta Activities and News

30 Dec 2009 Meeting:

Today is the last day weekly meeting of the year 2009 of the RC Bali Kuta. But we have made it in such a way to be a memorable meeting. DGE Al Purwa and Pres. Ratnawati were very proud and happy to charter 2 new members today, they are Nuku Kamka, Hon Consul of Russia […]

More about Helps to Nias Island

To do more in Nias, together with other clubs in Indonesia we formed a committee “Nias rebuilding Projects” Chaired by PP Betty Muliadinata from RC Jakarta Metropolitan who now joined RC Jakarta Sentral  and PP Atik from RC Jakarta Selatan who flew very often to Nias.     The committee with the help of Rotarians […]

Building A School at Mandrehe, Nias Island

After visiting Nias island several times after Trunami and large eathquake of 8,9 SR that destroyed the island to the highest, we found a small village of Mandrehe where we were allowed to rebuild a school on a government school ground, the children learn in a simple shade:       With the funding we […]

The Bali Blood Bank, On Going Project

The Rotary Club Bali Kuta is very proud ot its On Going Bali Blood Bank Project at the RSUP Sanglah Denpasar. The Club initiated this huge project 12 years ago, and got so much help from all Clubs in Bali, Hiroshima East and Club at the Traverse City and a Huge HHH Grant from the […]

The Visit of DG Thomas Aquinas

On the club meeting 16 Dec’09, we have the visit of DG Thomas, the start with meeting club Presidents and Club Board Committee, it was very focus on the Goals of RC Bali Kuta by examining its Club Plan for the Effective Rotary Club. On the discussions, President Ratnawati explain the goals of RC Bali […]

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