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Presidents Meeting, 29 Jan 10

Today all the President Clubs in Bali meet with AGs using the usual meeting room of RC Bali Kuta. Present as speackers are PDG Ritje, talking about FVP,  DGE Al Purwa brings update about what is New in Rotary. I think this kind of meetings once a month or twice a month are very productive […]

Schoolbuses, Education and R.I.T

I have seen 3 towns, the higher class towns I suppose, and love it. Cool, quiet, safe, and peacefull -people respect each other, they are all around Rochester: Brighton, Rush Henriette and Pittsford. Each town is headed by Town Mayor who does the registration of the town. Most of the Estate Tax (PBB) goes to […]

Hornell – High living basic

Before I moved host parents from the Oakes in Hornell to the Streiners in Pittsford, President Mark took us to see how the city of Hornell filled with their basic needs. The city of Hornell used to be inhabited by 30,000 people, but owing to the  shifting of jobs  locations, now the inhabitants is only 9,000 […]

DGE in Rochester, 11 Jan-16Jan’10

It took me 23 hours of flying time to fly from Bali to Rochester, 5 Hours DPS-HKG, 4 hours lay over, 13 hours fly from HKG – YVR, 3 hours lay over, then 4,5 hours YVR – JFK, 3 hours lay over then 1,5 hours with small plane from JFK to Rochester. I was exshousted, […]

06 January 2010 Meeting

Today, 06 January 2010 was the first meeting on New Year 2010, the members celebrated New Year with special ” Rujak Pengantin ” Mixed vegetable, eggs, Tahu, Cucumber, Melinjau, tempe and special sauce…. uuuum.. yammy, many members were still on vacation. There was also an important topics discussed on board meeting such as: 1. Finacial […]