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Having a new bell makes the club meeting looks more serious and all attention goes to the President with pride to chair meetings:   This spceial bell was donated by DG Al Purwa, the Charter President of this Club and PP Hanny Arianto the District Administration Chair this year. Ordered to DG Dicky Try in […]

New Class room at SD Kalakambe SUMBA

THE VISIT OF ROTARIANS FROM JAPAN On 07 May 2011 we have 6 Rotarians Visitors from RC  Sakai Naka D2640 to visit this poor area on the eastern part of Indonesia, Sumba Island, and met with the happy children of the school who just received an additional class room for multi purposes. The funding is […]

RC Bali Kuta received RI Pres Citation

Only 16 Clubs out of 89 Clubs: To receive RI President Citation 2101-2011 Awards. This year RI President Awards is only received by 16 Clubs in D3400 because the criterias were set with great challenges, a club has be balanced in 4 services of Avenue and each avenue should collect 25 points each. and if a […]