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Water & sanitary Project at SD2 Bali Loura,SBD

SD2 Bali loura when we visited 2 years ago, has 288 students, 15 teachers and 1 schoolmaster. This is in Mananga Aba, Loura, Sumba Barat Daya. They have a 3 local latrines, but NO WATER, so there is no way we cn teach about Hygiene there. Rotary Club Bali Kuta together with RC Bali Taman […]

RC Bali Kuta was the Best Club in Indonesia 2012

DG Mohammad Ridlo Eisy the Number one man in the Rotary International in Indonesia, has made the whole year evaluations for the 89 Rotary Clubs in Indonesia, and his decision was made that RC Bali Kuta was the Best Rotary Club In Indonesia. This evaluation were based on many different things such as: the growth […]

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