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240 Toilets in Sumba Island

Posted on | November 19, 2009 | No Comments

With Matching Grant # 63169, with Rotary Club of Dronten, built 240 toilets in Sumba island with the budget funds of 200 toilets.
Kalakembe village in the Sumba island is a very dry village and therefore is very poor too. Only about 2 babies out of ten can survive the situation, with no water they can not manage to have proper hygiene and nutrias food, no fresh vegetables and no rice to plant.

Dust full playground

Once a year they produce Cashew nuts, the only produce they can be proud of, because this cashew nut trees are the only trees survive the heat and dry land. But their cashew nut are sold to people from Surabaya untreated and so cheap prices, then the Surabaya merchant send them to Kerala India and they process them there, and surprisingly become the best nuts in the world.

Ripening cashew on tree

If some one can build a factory to process their cashew nuts in Sumba, they will not only give a lot of jobs opportunity to the people but also better value added to their products. We hope that many more people will think about helping this very poor island and that they will be able to get a basic education and basic health.
Below are some photos of those toilets we built with MG # 63169

One of 240 toilets

Hard survival

Poor House Conditions

One of our Past President is the Hon. Consul of Germany, who has a lot of attention to help people in Sumba. With a few of his friends in Germany, they collected donations and built a nice school in Kalakembe Sumba. Here also RC Bali Kuta with MG # 68069 will provide water and school furnitures.

School Bags  They promised to study harder

If any club in the world wants to build an extraordinary poor island of Sumba, you can mention your willingness to us Rotary Club Bali Kuta, we will work with you and it will make you and us very happy in helping others, a lot still to be done !


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