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30 Dec 2009 Meeting:

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Today is the last day weekly meeting of the year 2009 of the RC Bali Kuta. But we have made it in such a way to be a memorable meeting.

DGE Al Purwa and Pres. Ratnawati were very proud and happy to charter 2 new members today, they are Nuku Kamka, Hon Consul of Russia and Ni Putu Suryani, a successful Insurance Agent.



RC Bali Kuta has struggled for the last 2 years to increase quality members, and now we are reaching 27 members incl. 1 Hon member.

Members understand perfectly well that the members we have the more service projects we can deliver, and the more contributions we can help to TRF the more funding we have to be use to help others, and the more amicable meetings we have with attractive fellowship.

After meeting with this Charter presentation, we went to a professional photo studio to make professional photoes. This is also a goof fellowship session where we all can laugh together. Then we can create Callender 2010 with our faces that can be put on each of our desks, we can remember our friends and that we have real friends with the same purpose of life – service above self.

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