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A Small Report from Wina, RC Bali Kuta YEP student

Posted on | July 18, 2016 | No Comments

Wedi wirma Wina Wina 1 Wina and Wirma Wina n Ira Wina OB coming Wina, a YEP student 2015-2016, sponsored by RC Bali Kuta

Rotary Youth Exchange 2015/2016

Hi, my name I Wina. I was sponsored by Rotary Club of Bali Kuta to join Rotary Youth Exchange Program year 2015-2016 to St Paul, Minnesota. I was 15 years old when I flew to Minnesota, USA for my exchange year. My age is considered young compared to the other exchange kids in my district. District 5960 hosting me during my exchange year and they are very supportive. They also held some events such as Winter Carnival, District Conference, Country Fair, etc. Winter Carnival is one of the coolest experiences that I have ever had. Winter carnival is the nation’s oldest and largest winter festival. The best part is when I got knighted and I feel honored to become a Dame. St. Paul Rotary Club, my host club sponsored me to go to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards). It’s very unforgettable because I learned a lot about how to be a leader and working in team with other people. I made new friends from Wisconsin and Minnesota.

I was host by amazing families. I stayed with my YEP Chairman for a few days and lived with another 2 hosts families. Everywhere I stayed, I experienced different stuff. When I stayed with my YEP Chairman, I got to see snow falling from the sky from the first time. With my first host family, we did a road trip to go to lake Itasca, which is the headwaters of the Mississippi River and also walk across it. With my last host family I get to go to Appleton, Wisconsin for spring break. It is a really nice and calm city. They also have an earth science museum and my host grandparents funded also the founder of the museum, which makes it more interesting and exciting to go to.

Central High school was the school that I went to and it was a new experience to me because it’s a big and diverse school. They have lots of races in that school which is very interesting to me. I made lots of friends in school and also join some of the art performances. I was in the school’s musical called “Guys and Dolls”, I got two roles, as a dancer and a tourist. From this musical, I got to meet lots of students in my school which makes it easier to know more students. Not only musical, but I also performed in my school’s “Dance Showcase”. I was in 5 out of 7 dance choreographies from my class, which makes it more fun and exciting but also tiring.

My district went to East Coast for the big trip. It was definitely the best trip that I ever took. I spent time with 38 exchange students from more than 15 countries for 16 days. We went to New York, Washington DC, Florida and Chicago. My most memorable experience was when we explore the Times Square and ride a boat to see the Liberty Island in New York. It was a big place, and very different from Minnesota. In Washington DC was when we get to see the White House, and all the memorials. It’s very unique and historical. In Florida, we stayed in Jacksonville Beach for two days and they have beautiful beach. Then we continue to Orlando to go to their Water Park and Universal Studio. Those places were so much fun to go to!. We are started to head back to Minnesota and stop by Chicago. I love the Willis tower, a skyscraper higher than the empire state building and also the Giant Bean. This trip shows the Exchange students more of the US in a very fun way.

This exchange year brings a big improvement for me and I love every bit of it. This program also change the way I think about the world in a positive way. I would definitely recommend doing this exchange if you love to try new things, meet new people, and live in a different atmosphere. Now, I am a proud Rotex.


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