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About Us:

Rotary Club Bali Kuta was chartered on 30 June 1989 with the sponsor club RC Bali Sanur, and the charter members were 25 Rotarians. Aloysius Purwa was the charter President of this club, the first meetings were done at the older Kartika Plaza hotel, then moved to Pertamina Cottages (now known as The Patra) for some years, after that meeting place was moved to the Santika Beach Hotel, and now for the last 4 years Rotary Club Bali Kuta is meeting every Wednesday, 12.00 noon at the Pelangi Restaurant, Jalan Dewi Sri, Kuta – Bali, and soon will be moved to KCBJ Tours Building, Jl. Raya Kuta 127, Kuta – Bali at 1230 on Wednesdays..

We have many Past Presidents now, but only 4 of the Charter members are still remaining with the club and the current President for 2016-2017 is Dara Mustika.

For many years Rotary Club Bali Kuta only had male members, but now we have 13 female members and soon we expect we will be about fifty-fifty.
Our members today are 31 Active and one honorary member and he is H.E. the Governor of Bali Mr. Made Mangku Pastika. Past President Winaya’s goal is 35 members by next year. This year we have reached 56 members, but at the end of June 2016 about half of the younger members have formed a new club.

made m2Mr. Made Mangku Pastika

Kuta is a world famous place for tourism, especially for Australians who consider this town their second home. People are coming and going very fast from about 175 countries as visitors as well as long stay guests. And therefore our members are also changing quite fast based on their job conditions and traveling needs.

The 3 charter members who are still active at Rotary Club Bali Kuta are: PDG Al Purwa, PP Gunawan Kantawibawa and PP Arya Budi Giri, all of them are Paul Harris Fellow and a Major Donors Level 3 and level 1

DGE Aloysius Purwa 200PP Arya Budi Giri 200PP Gunawan Kantawibawa, PDG Aloysius Purwa, and PP Arya Budi Giri

For the year 2010-2011 this club will host or produce a District Governor for D3400, namely the Charter President of this Club Al Purwa, and of course every member will be given one or more task to be active on the District level.

And for the year 2013-2014 one of the charter member Panudiana Kuhn will become a governor as well, when  the District is divided into two, and it becomes D3420.

RC Bali Kuta is becoming more vibrant and alive when many members enggage themself better. PDG Hanny Arianto, has served District Governor in 2014-2015, and has done his very best to develop many things in the District.

PP Hanny Arianto 200PDG Hanny Arianto, D3420, 2014-2015

The year 2014-2015 PP Hanny Arianto, a long standing member of this club,become the 3rd District Governor for D3420 in Indonesia, and he is also a Major Donor Level 3.

In 2012 DG Ridlo named RC bali Kuta as the Best Rotary Club in Indonesia based on its High support to TRF, Every rotarians donated and high donation per Capita, the greatest growth from 27 members to 47 members, and many of its sustainable projects.


Rotary Club Bali Kuta’s banner consists of 3 important element that shows the life and surrounding of our club in Kuta – Bali Indonesia, they are :

Balinese split gate that is called “Candi Bentar” symbolizing the warm welcome to Bali, we welcome tourists from more than 175 countries of the world.

Beach, that is the description of the famous Kuta Beach, where people come from all over the world to swimm, run, surf, massage,walk or just sit down to see others passing by.

Sun-set, is hapening every afternoon where thousands of tourists waiting to watch it at the Kuta Beach while holding a glass of margarita, pina-collada, whisky cola, red wine or rum jungle creations. And it looks like below:

If your club  like to have an exchange banner with Rotary Club Bali Kuta, please send us one of yours and give us your address, we will send you one with a greeting note from our club President.

Rotary Club Bali Kuta