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Bali Kuta Rotary Club concerns about Youth

Posted on | July 18, 2016 | No Comments

Ira OB Yep Madoka IB Wina and Wirma Wina n Ira Wina OB coming Last year RC Bali Kuta sent one YEP Student to the USA, Wina, the daughter of Rtn Wirma the secetrary of this club.

Wina spent almost one year with the Rotarians and gaining extreemely useful experience to live with families in advance country. This experience will of course create understanding of how to value time and become more disipline in life and at work.

In exchange Bali Kuta hs received one fine young man Jose, as YEP inbound student coming from mexico. He is easy going and smart to make friends, charming and directly make friends with whoever he meets along the way on this exchange period.

This year Bali Kuta will send another YEP Student, Ira, to the USA, she is ready and eager to receive and learn new lives in other country for one year. Then in exchange we will welcome Madoka from Japan, time and date remain to be determine by the organizator from Japan. We wish her luck


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