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Bringing Help to Aceh Tsunami

Posted on | December 15, 2009 | No Comments

It was such a sad trip to be in Banda Aceh and Lhokna one week after the huge Tsunami that killed more than 174,000 people. This was a trip I will never forget in my life time, I cried everyday for the whole 3 days. I never saw such destruction before. At the airport of Medan, thousands of people queuing for a Garuda seat, and arriving on the dead city made me sick, afraid, disappointed and very sad. When a friend took me on a motor bike to the city, the military troop were trying to find 3000 until 5000 dead bodies in between the woods and remnants of the destroyed buildings.

One week after Beton not survive

Boat infront of hotel Boat besar

We have brought 16 doctors and nurses with medicines to help with first aids, then we brought a few tons of rice and sugar and clothes. We managed to arrange 30 tons of clothes donated by Althea from Sydney sent through Bali. Also 500 tons of bisquits and water from the Rotaract club of Macao that was sent by boat via Belawan.

Lost Memory Handing over Medicines 3

Motor medicine

It was so terrible to see the whole thing begin 2005, one week after the Tsunami in Aceh. At that time the military men were still digging between 3000 to 5000 bodies from the remnants and the whole Aceh was very smelly.

RC Bali Kuta brought 10 tons of rice and 5 tons of sugar for the survivals and for the volunteers who help the victims. We also bought about 20 sets of kitchen utensils for 25 refugee camps. Helps were really needed.

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