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PP Arya Budi Giri (ABG), is a great Charter member since 1989

PP Arya Budi Giri, a Charter member and a Major Donor PP Giri moved from Tabanan city next to Denpasar in 1976, alone, and fight for his life to Kuta, where the action is. Now in 2016, he is not alone anymore, married and has 3 big boys and 6 grandchildren making it a family […]

PDG Hanny Arianto, a real Rotarian of RC Bali Kuta

PDG Hanny Arianto served in D3420 for the year 2014-2015 The Light up Rotary, Indonesia Hanny is a long standing, good and loyal Rotarian of the Rotary Club of Bali Kuta, he is also a very generous Rotarian as a Major Donor Level 3 and PHS. He has very successful to raise 3 boys and […]

Herry Arianto, a new member, young and potential future

Herry Arianto, his spouse and 3 healthy children: This new young member is very potential to continue the work and the idealism of Rotary in the future, both Herry and his wife are very successful business and raising 3 very healthy sons. Herry is Phd in film making, a very rare profession that is much […]

Barbara Purwa was a YEP student in Melbourne

Barbara Purwa has been growing as Rotary Family since she was born, already a PHF Barbara was very active at the Rotaract of Bali Kuta for many years, and has brought the Rotaract to a higher level. She was a DRFC and one time chairing APRRC managed in Bali with success and young enthusiasm. After […]

Gunawan Kantawibawa is a Charter Member

PP Gunawan K and Juliana Prasetyo, has a great family with 3 big boys and one great girl. As a Charter member of this RC Bali Kuta, chartered 30 June 1989. PP Gunawan grows half of his life with the Club with its up and down. Now his wife Juliana also a Rotarian with good […]

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