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5 First , Pres. Dara share the achievements of RC Bali Kuta with GOLD RI Presidential Citation 2015-2016.

The happy faces shown on each and every faces of the members present, and that created high spirit to do it again the next years. This is not the first time happened, already many years in a row, and yes, this is a sign of doing good in the communities that is reflected in the club.

After a few years having meeting venue in a restaurant, today is the first time and the first meeting day we go back to where the club belong to the venue of the good old times where fellowship is great in the green and lush garden with great breeze.

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Tall manggo trees, bananas, longans, buah naga and the many plants from trubus, certainly give everyone great O2 we all need on an open air “Balai Kodok” where the frogs are meeting.

We have a few District Officers from RC Bali Kuta present such as AG Julia Rivai, the District Admin Chair, DDG Suastika the coming District Conference Chair 2017, AG Ngakan Winaya and Rtn Uniek, PDG calm Hanny Arianto, and PDG Aloysius Purwa who is always giving encouragements, asked or voluntarily.

3 4 We have a special guest Richard a Rotarian from Nurenberg and talk a lot about Indonesia  company he had built in Jakarta and about Germany. Nurenberg is an old city with the best German Susages, where PP Marina Purwa and PDG Al, PP Budi Giri and Rtn Astikawati will be hosted at the end of August after a Danube River Cruise. Directly become a friend, in Rotary friendship easily happens.

District Grant will be used to improve toilets at the Tangtu Old People houses in Denpasar, and also the talk about the inbound and outbound YEP next year. Our partners from Korea will visit us in 12-16 July and that include a visit to Sumba for the next projects, a part of International Service and fellowship. We just came from Convention in Korea and were treated very well. Kim Chi every day, and all other delicatesen. Rotary makes us a great family, great friends in services.

Since flexibility is allowed to make a club interesting and attractive, we wish to make BBQ dinner or fireside meeting once a month in this garden or on the beach or in the mountain, to make our RC Bali Kuta family, a really great family.

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Rtn. Richard Schmid was lost at Jalan dewi Sri and rescued by Rtn. Eric Basuki ( a Notary Public) who is happened to be there and brought him to our garden Venue. Pres Dara, Secretary Wirma and PP Marina are on the head table and looked very relaxing, that is how it should be a club meeting : Relax and serious, but the services are done !



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