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Grant Management Seminar 18 Jun, was a success

Posted on | June 19, 2016 | No Comments

Solo Kartini arr CindyGMS 18Jun 2016 was more successfull than before, said PP McDonny from Surabaya Rungkut and PP Lily from Surabaya Timur.

More than 100 Rotarians participating with this GMS from 36 clubs out of 54 clubs in D3420, yes, looking at the amount of participants, this is a success. The methods introduced by PP Ronny is also somewhat different, more enggagements from participants are encouraged.

Question and answer type sessions is also entertaining and yet giving overall view of the purpose of Grant Management Seminar, which is a part of the process of becoming qualified for all participating clubs, so long as they come home, discuss the MOU on a club assembly, sign the MOU by President 2016-2017 and PE 2017-2018, and send back the form to DRFC.

Only qualified clubs may reach The Rotary Foundation Funds in the form of Global Grant, District Grant and Package Grant for making projects in their communities. Those clubs that are not qualified, may  not propose for grants at the Rotary Foundation for projects.

The whole day of learning, sharing and fellowship was a great success, and especially when it is ended by handover ceremony from DG Mufid Wahyudi to DG Nyoman Nilawati. The District 3420 say good bye and thank you to DG Mufid, and wishing a more successful year to DG Nilawati. Some club Presidents also joining the handover ceremony from Presidents to Presidents elect.

Mufid n Hanoman PE with DGE

Al Hanny GMS SHG Members Yenyen Jul GMSMore than 160 Rotarians made the small hall become too small and the stage was also too small for all the handling over ceremony. But the purpose is reached, the fellowship is superb.

It is a habbit of Rotarians to chit chat amicably, and the small room made it better venue for not shouting. The food was good for a new hotel and the staff are friendly.

DG Nyoman Nilawati is ready to take off, and we wish her luck and success, of course she alone will not be successfull without the support of all Rotarians. Lets all face to have a harder work next year and lets celebrate more successfull year with many projects to help our comunities.




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