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Happy Birthday 56th PP Budi Giri, MD

Posted on | December 18, 2012 | No Comments

Tonight 18 Dec 2012, at his Hotel “Putu Bali”, PP Arya Budi Giri, celebrated his 56th birthday. He has been a Rotarian since he was 33 years old some 23 years ago, and still kicking and keep growing in Business.

The more you give the more you are allowed to accept, PP Giri is a Major Donor now and by giving he is not getting any poorer, instead business come his ways easily. Only through Rotary he can has friends that can stay that long like DG Kuhn, PP Gunawan, PDG Al Purwa, DGN Hanny Arianto, all other friends have not stayed that long.

The food is a lot, BBQ Lamb, Gulai Kambing, Ayam tutu, various sate, lon tong and many other delicacies. A father of 3 big boys and Granpa for 5 grand children, still strong and very happy.

To celebrate this evening I was honored to sing a song, and of course I come up with my favorite song that is very similar than Rotary idealism, Peace in the world….” Imagine”

Aloysius Purwa



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