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Herry Arianto, a new member, young and potential future

Posted on | June 13, 2016 | No Comments

Herry AriantoHerry Arianto, his spouse and 3 healthy children:

This new young member is very potential to continue the work and the idealism of Rotary in the future, both Herry and his wife are very successful business and raising 3 very healthy sons.

Herry is Phd in film making, a very rare profession that is much needed in Bali and in Indonesia and outside of the countries, his company often get orders to Thailand, Maldives and many orther countries. A busy man indeed.

He is the son of our calm PDG Hanny Arianto from this RC Bali Kuta as well, but has thousands of ideas to get solutions in many difficult times.

RC Bali Kuta are very happy and very proud to have this family to be member.


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