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Hornell – High living basic

Posted on | January 14, 2010 | 4 Comments

Before I moved host parents from the Oakes in Hornell to the Streiners in Pittsford, President Mark took us to see how the city of Hornell filled with their basic needs. The city of Hornell used to be inhabited by 30,000 people, but owing to the  shifting of jobs  locations, now the inhabitants is only 9,000 people.

However the fullfliments of the basic needs are organized by no more than 5 people each. For example the Water Treatment project that can supply 5,000,000 liters a day to give the whole city clean water is more using cutting edge technology:




Their Ambulance, Fire Department and Police station is in one building that is connected to 911 alarm systeem. So sophisticated that make me envy them, but I can not epect anything like that in my country in my life time. The Ambulance and the Fire department are maned with 22 people with advance fully equipped ambulances (5 of them) and one 4 drive car so that they can reach far difficult sites:



Just next to those ambulance equipments are 4 large fire brigades with also not less sophisticated and very well maintained in good and ready situation:



With Rotary Club Presidents and taking a DGE, we are allowed to see so many things that usual people need axtra permit to see and watch. I am so happy to have this chances to sea and learn what other people do to organize their life that is to me beyond my expectations and that is why I like to share with my fellow countymen in Indonesia.

This police Car is equiped with radar and licence plate number detection,that can directly trace the owners and the home address of the cars on road. 24 hours 911 staff is there to receive calls any time of the day. They are working really good and efficient.

Their waste water management that costed the USD 25 million 17 years ago,is good for the future is even the city is inhabited by double population. And it is located on the lower side of the city that all waste water is leading to this place by grafitation. And again, only 5 people maned this huge plant. Kok Bisa ?


I wish that this posting is read by our Governor and Bupati / Walikota in Bali to increase their awareness that things are possible to do if the government people understand the high basic living needs and go for it continuesly.

The hospital is another thing. We were taken to visit a Catholic hospital that is managed by Sister of Mercy congragation. I have seen so many equipments imaginable,computerized and anything that is available on earth to help people stay alive is available there, except it is the time for the patient called by God – they can not help.



The home of our second host is higher then the other part of the city Pittsford, meaning that we can see more of the city, and also see higher piles of snow everywhere. The ice cycles on some houses are really looking like stalagmit that goes down from external roof to the ground. I have never seen something like this before:



Before lunch today with all 27 of my classmate with their spouses, we were taken to see the house of George Eastman a very wealthy men, and the house has become a museum now to show how a small person can become so big and also become so little because at the end he killed himself.

Do you remember “KODAK”, for many years when we were children all cameras whatever trade mark, were called “Kodak”. Most of the movies were using Kodak cameras and film print. And George Eastman was the founder and the owner of all the Eastman Colours.

To know the stories behind this man is very interesting, a man of so many facest and hobbies, but no children and no family at the end. A stunning life with all the richness on hands but a sad life at the end. Mr Eastman has donated USD 100 Million for charity in his year 1863, and it is a pity the Rotary International was only built in 1905, otherwise he might donate more money to Rotary ?




My host Mr. Axel Streiner is a professor in computer science, he teachs me some tricks and many others about computer. He is using apple Mac, and Macbook Pro.I told him I have also thise things but can not use them, then with patient he teach this old and cracking brain, and I am very happy to know something.Today we will go to apple shop to by some accessories for my computer so that I can make my Governor Monthly Letter for example on time that is expected by many Rotarians.

Well, old brains can learn also if he wants Hehehehehhe……..

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4 Responses to “Hornell – High living basic”

  1. Nyoman Nilawati
    January 15th, 2010 @ 4:03 am

    Dear DGE Al and Marina,
    Waduh update pengetahuandan dan pengalaman yang luaaarr biasa.Kita tunggu ceritera berikutnya ya.

    Selamat bergahagia–

    Nyoman Nilawati

  2. Suzana
    January 15th, 2010 @ 7:16 am

    Bikin kangen salju dan tinggal di luar negeri lagi nih DGE Al:)
    Beautiful photos of the snow with the tree and the house…. very nice! and the info re all their living facilities…priceless:)

  3. Marilyn Carson
    January 15th, 2010 @ 11:36 am

    Dear Al, Those of us who grew up in the USA
    with all of the wonderful infastructure you have seen (clean and easily available water, regular pick up of garbage, 911 for emergencies, fire fighters and reliable police, fully equipped hospitals and well trained doctors) wish we could make such things available in Bali. It is a challenge. BUT,there big problems in the USA that are not common in Bali. It is dangerous to walk at night in a big city. I am never afraid to walk at night in Bali. Not everyone in the USA is friendly like in Bali. And there are MANY very poor people in the USA who do not have work or enough to eat and no close family or friends to help them.
    Everything is a balance. If we could bring the good technology and education from the USA to Bali this island would be even more of a Paradise than it is today. We can only try.
    Enjoy your trip and keep sending information and pictures.
    Marilyn, RC Bali Ubud Sunset

    Marilyn Carson

  4. Sec. Julia Rivai
    January 15th, 2010 @ 1:15 pm

    DGE Al, thanks for the breaking news !

    Indeed, very nice view with snow and info on modern self supporting facilities. Look forward to your next news. Enjoy your trip !
    Salam Rotary,

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