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More about Helps to Nias Island

Posted on | December 21, 2009 | No Comments

To do more in Nias, together with other clubs in Indonesia we formed a committee “Nias rebuilding Projects” Chaired by PP Betty Muliadinata from RC Jakarta Metropolitan who now joined RC Jakarta Sentral  and PP Atik from RC Jakarta Selatan who flew very often to Nias.

Team 201  Team 202

Team 203  Team 204

The committee with the help of Rotarians and friends in Australia has built a clinic that has 28 beds for the first aid before the patients can go home after recovery from an illness. When it was opened with a ceremony, all beds were already full, so it is really needed:

Klinic 200  Klinic 201

The Rotary Bali Kuta also have helped the fishermen with various wooden as well as fiberglass boats, before there were sent to Nias all tested on the waters of Bali First:

Ready to ship 200  ready to ship 202

Boat 200  Rtn and Boat for Aceh 200

There were two Matching Grant Projects that are participated by RC Bali Kuta, those are a Van for gardening and a fourwheel ambulance that were needed because the road were all destroyed:

4 wheel drive amb.200  4 wheel drive 201

Van Gardening Nias 200  Van gardening Nias 201

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