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New Class room at SD Kalakambe SUMBA

Posted on | May 11, 2011 | No Comments


On 07 May 2011 we have 6 Rotarians Visitors from RC  Sakai Naka D2640 to visit this poor area on the eastern part of Indonesia, Sumba Island, and met with the happy children of the school who just received an additional class room for multi purposes. The funding is from 3 Clubs: RC Sakai Naka, RC Tamla, RC Taichung Situen and the host clubs are the RC Bali Kuta and RC Bali Taman:






The children were dancing, we did not know that they have a traditional dance, although it needs to be polished but the original movements were very interesting. They also entertained us using flutes made of small PVC pipes, very interesting, and they also gather on that Saturday afternoon to listen to advises how they should study to be able to work better in the future.












It was such a happy moment, and the Japanese Rotarians were feeling very happy to be able to share their happiness. Happiness is becomeing bigger when it is shared, 4 of them have never been to Indonesia, and now they see the very poor part of the country and they were thinking to try to help again in the future.

When you wish to help children of Sumba, you can contact RC Bali Kuta and be partner in service with us. RC BALI KUTA, BALI, INDONESIA


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