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New Generations Month – September -2-

Posted on | August 25, 2011 | No Comments

Rotarians dan Club D3400,
“Walk the talk” and through actions show that, this time, it is not just
fine words. As Michael McQueen said in New Orleans: “Young generations doesn’t
care about what you say – until they know how much you care”.

It is likely
that in 1905 when Paul Harris founded our organizations there were older
generations with ideas and judgments about how it “should be” and what he “ought
to do”. Starting up “fresh” these opinions had little impact on Paul Harris.

In business,
dealing with sales, we say: “Ask the customers what they want – and then give
it to them.”
Accordingly it is important to interact and ask what the “New Generations” want,
The challenge for the traditional Rotarians will be that once we have
asked the “New Generations”, we will have to be tolerant and allow them to test.

1. invest your time and efforts to New Generations
2. Each club must have a committee for the NG
3. Hilangkan kebiasaan masa lalu yang berkata dulu kita lakukan secara begitu dan tempuhlah itu,
NG akan bilang itu kuno, ini lo caranya untuk komunikasi dengan kami: Facebook, Twitter, BBM,
Linkedin dan semua yang serba instant, sebab itulah dunia NG sekarang.
4. Mereka tidak peduli apa yang anda katakan, wake up, mereka akan bereaksi kapan mereka tahu
bahwa anda benar benar care kepada mereka.
5. Clubs yang tidak mampu membantu dan memupuk semangat New Generations, akan menjadi tua
tidak bersemangat dan hilang ditelan waktu. Act fast dan act now. Bimbing mereka.
Salam dalam Rotary,…………..bersambung…
2011-2012 New Generation Int Committee
2011-2012 Zone 7A Regional Public Image Asst.Coordinator
2011-2012 Community Service Chair, D3400
2010-2011 District Governor,D3400
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