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One Village at A Time

Posted on | December 15, 2009 | No Comments

The Rotary Club Bali Kuta has choosen the Village of Belimbing to do a project of “One Village at a time”, on this village that has several villages such as Suradadi, Belimbing, Karyasari, Uma Anyar and Bale Dana. In 2001 we started to build a multi purpose meeting hall fully funded by a Rotarian that costs about USD 35,000 and also one set of Gamelan music that costs USD 7,500. This building is used by the villagers to train themselves Balinese Dancing and Balinese Gamelan music. On this building also built the Village library “Suradadi” and all of the activites are supported and maintained by our RCC Suradadi.

plakat  The multi purpose building

Ladies train Gamelan  where the books as well

On Suradadi village we also built road and arranging electricity on the road so that people can see on the road at night. Nowadays the RCC Suradadi has a group of dancers and music gamelan players that they can earn money for themselves by performing on other villages and in hotels  upon requests. This way they can also increase their income per capita.

Other activities on this building are to teach chidren to choose and collect books. And also to give health screening and information for the women issues.

oregonian Rotarians  Rtn Gobind in action

Bicycle for reading winners  PDG David Dancing

Trained girls dancing  stuar martin

There are 5 elementary schools on these villages. Nowadays, if the children are not studying english and start having a skill on computer they will not be able to have good future. But how can they learn computer, even their schoolmasters and teachers have not seen any computer ?

When we understand and saw these need, RC Bali Kuta propose Matching Grant Projects with clubs in Oregon USA. And now all computers were installed on those schools and we involve our Rotaractors of Rotaract Club Bali Kuta to go every time to the villages to teach computers and some basic english.



It is very interesting to see how eager and how curious the children are, they go to school until late at night, and they even go to school on sundays and school holidays to be able to touch those computers. And they are not stupid children, they are very good learners, only have less chances !


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