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Participating at Rotary ShelterBox Event Jakarta

Posted on | December 19, 2012 | No Comments

DGN Hanny Arianto and PDG Al Purwa on behalf of RC Bali Kuta, participating in fundraising event and creating awareness about Rotary ShelterBox in Jakarta, that soon to be called ShelterPro.

International Rotary ShelterBox has help Indonesia during disasters in Aceh Tsunami, Nias, Padang Earthquake, Tasikmalaya Tsunami, Yogya Mountain eruption and Sumbawa earthquake.

Indonesia is the supermarket of disasters as we are on the ring of fire location and the home hundreds of active volcanoes, in the 17,000 islands that Indonesia have.

20,000 ShelterBox already deployed in Indonesia worth about 200 Billion rupiah, thank you and we are helping to raise funds in any way we can. The Indonesia Chairperson for Rotary ShelterBox is the incoming Governor Eva Kurniaty for D3410 and D3420 Indonesia.

Rotary is happy and lucky to have such a professional and capable person to lead the way.

Aloysius Purwa



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