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PEACE FORUM 27 January 2013

Posted on | December 17, 2012 | No Comments

RI PRESIDENT TANAKA, has challenged the whole Rotary Clubs, in order to obtain his RI Presidential Citation Awards 2012-2013, a club must make a PEACE FORUM, one of the few conditions he set up to get an Award.

RC Bali Kuta has initiated the movements, supported by RC Bali Denpasar, RC Bali Taman and a few others to do it.

Since October 2012, we have tried to contact schools: Secondary, High and University to invite students to write an Essay about “PEACE”, what they think about it, what they see about it, what they dream about peace and what they wish to happen about PEACE in hie or her world, and in the real world.

650 students are expected to submit their Essay in the middle of December 2012, and the Juries are coming from Universities. The winners will get Cash money with Certificate of best writer, and everyone will get a certificate of appreciations.

The day of appreciation will be done at the Hall of Udayana Unversity, all participants are invited to listen to the best Essay winners. Awards will be distributed, and a simple lunch will be served.

All of this process and jobs done since October 2012 to 27 Jan 2013 has a tremendous impact and PR for Rotary International and improve Rotary Public Image as well. And the highlight of the day is chosen 27 Jan 2013, because it is also the International Peace Day for the World.

Greetings from the Peace island of Bali and lets have a peaceful world together.

Aloysius Purwa, PDG


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