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PP Arya Budi Giri (ABG), is a great Charter member since 1989

Posted on | June 19, 2016 | No Comments

Giri n FamilyPP Arya Budi Giri, a Charter member and a Major Donor

PP Giri moved from Tabanan city next to Denpasar in 1976, alone, and fight for his life to Kuta, where the action is.

Now in 2016, he is not alone anymore, married and has 3 big boys and 6 grandchildren making it a family of 14, a large family and happy too. He is a successful businessman, rent car, hotel, restaurant and real estate that make him a happy man in this age.

His Spouse Astikawati is a hard working lady, and successful with her garment manufacture for many years. Now both of them are helping their children to regenerate the family business, and when all business are taken over by the children, he will have more time for Rotary and be more usefull to other people.

At his village Bajra, Tabanan, he has built an ABG center, with ambulance to help the poor to go to hospitals as many time there is no means of transport in the village when the need arrise. He also arrange for many of those in the area to haveĀ  wheelchairs if they need and cannot afford one.

Basically with good heart and feelings, many things can happen, as we all know many things happen when Rotary heart is there. Good luck and enjoy elderly days with your great family. Dont forget to go golf and trips, lots of things in the world you need to explore, and always con combine with the International Rotary Convention.


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