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PP Marina Purwa, and her Rotary Family, MD Level 3

Posted on | June 19, 2016 | No Comments

PP Marina Purwa, married to a Rotary Family

Marina is a Dutch born lady, married to PDG Aloysius Purwa, makes her stay in Bali for the last 40 years, but often visit her 5 big brothers who are staying in the Netherlands.

Marina has been active in following the activities of PDG Aloysius Purwa, with his work as DG and as many other positions in Rotary, travels a lot and meet many Rotarians and others in many part of the world because she is active as travel agent.

Marina has been to 14 Rotary International Conventions, to many Rotary zone institutes and visits many District conventions and in Indonesia and abroad especially to the Philippines as the spouse of RIP Representative. And together with her husband a Major Donor Level 3.

They have 2 Children who were active with Rotaract when they were younger, Barbara was a YEP student to Melbourne and then Became DRR for District in Indonesia who was chairing an APRRC in Bali succesfully. She is now also a Rotarian of RC Bali Kuta who has interest in the Youth.

Marina has been treasurer for many years, she has high discipline in keeping funds and good in raising money in small ways, what a club needs.

By travelling a lot for Rotary meetings, she meets friends and make new friends in many parts of the countries in the world.


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