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RC Bali Kuta received RI Pres Citation

Posted on | May 4, 2011 | No Comments

Only 16 Clubs out of 89 Clubs:

To receive RI President Citation 2101-2011 Awards.

This year RI President Awards is only received by 16 Clubs in D3400 because the criterias were set with great challenges, a club has be balanced in 4 services of Avenue and each avenue should collect 25 points each. and if a club can collect 35 points on each category or above such club can obtain President Citation Award with distinction, and we are very proud to be members of RC Bali Kuta that can reach one of the only 5 clubs that can get RI President Award with distinction;

The members of the RC Bali Kuta has worked very hard this year because the Governor Al Purwa, D3400 for the year 2010-2011 is from this club and that everyone was given taks to do a lot of things such as District secretary, District Treasurer, District Conference Chairman, District Administration and many more.

As a result RC Bali Kuta has become a very active club, very vibrant and easy to attract new members. Hopefully soon we will induct more members, especially the Governor Nominee of D3400 Panudiana Kuhn is also the charter member of this Club.

RC Bali Kuta


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