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RC Bali Kuta visited Elderly Home in Tangtu 23Jun16

Posted on | June 24, 2016 | No Comments

Tua 1 Tua 2 tua 3PP Wayan Sudarma, AG Ngakan Winaya, PP Marina Purwa and Rtn Sri Sudarma together with PDG Al Purwa

When God permits everyone of us will be old one day, but I am sure we have better prepared ourselves for our elderly age than those elderly people inhabiting the ‘Wana Seraya” elderly home in Tangtu Bali.

They help 42 elderly people in this (a kind of orphanage for old people) elderly home, I mentioned elderly because they have no family who take care of them or dont visit them anymore. They live very simple in 4 separate buildings, 3 buildings with separate simple rooms and one large hall room inhabited by 14 people.

When we asked them how old they were, non of them simply dont know, and one answered clearly, ” I am finished, saya sudah habis….). A few of them got accident and have broken legs or arms and can not move, and many of them can not see nor hear, so it is not an easy tasks for the workers to help them day time especially night time.

They have simple kitchen they use together and outside of the kitchen is a huge pile of garbages, the site non of us like to have.

RC Bali Kuta has decided to move our District grants 2014-2015 to help improve the toilets of this elderly home, especially what they need are many raillings a long side walls and in the bathrooms to avoide them from falling on those slipery floors.

Help whatever we can, and any help offered to this orphanage will be taken and used to make the 42 old people live a bit more secure on their daily lives. President Dara has already said her agreement to proceed with this project.


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