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RC Bali Kuta was the Best Club in Indonesia 2012

Posted on | December 16, 2012 | No Comments

DG Mohammad Ridlo Eisy the Number one man in the Rotary International in Indonesia, has made the whole year evaluations for the 89 Rotary Clubs in Indonesia, and his decision was made that RC Bali Kuta was the Best Rotary Club In Indonesia.

This evaluation were based on many different things such as: the growth from 27 to 46 members, and the greatest donations to the Rotary Foundation, the biggest per capita donations and 100 % all members donated, and in the so many projects made within Bali and outside Bali.

The stunning project is the Bali Blood Bank that is very much sustainable and helping many people every day. Once in two months the club is arranging a venue in a busy mall where people can donated their blood to the blood Bank to make sure we will always have enough various type of Blood.

Thank you DG Ridlo for your Award, and our members are very proud to be members of RC Bali Kuta and this Awards has made the members will serve above self better in the future.


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