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Schoolbuses, Education and R.I.T

Posted on | January 16, 2010 | No Comments

I have seen 3 towns, the higher class towns I suppose, and love it. Cool, quiet, safe, and peacefull -people respect each other, they are all around Rochester: Brighton, Rush Henriette and Pittsford. Each town is headed by Town Mayor who does the registration of the town.

Most of the Estate Tax (PBB) goes to school projects, it depends on what the value of the house property, in this case in Pittsford where we are hosted the houses costs around USD 300,000 to USD 450,000.– I think houses like this with the view in Bali will cost more. Each family regardless having children in school or not, if they want to stay on this environment, they pay about USD.10,000 for the school administration.

The schoolbuses are run as an entreprize large compay, and they are pooled in one place, 120 buses that can carry 50 students each. They bring about 7000 students every morning and every afternoon back to their front doors. I went out at 06.00 AM this morning, I only see schoolbuses in action to all streets. And the safety of the buses are very important, every 6 months each bus is under controle.

This way the parents can have more productivities and time at work, and education is so important, the parents have a lot of say if the schoolmasters and teachers are not productive in teaching. Good education will lead the children to good job, and good job can lead them to good earning and when people have good earning they can pay more tax, I think it is great cycle.

The government must allow people to be successfull, and people should not be jealous if people can earn more because they work harder.

R.I.T ( Rochester Institute of technology) has a very large campus, they have 15,000 students and from those students 6000 are on Computer Science department. Maybe people think if they master computer science they can earn more money, and yes, it is the fact,look at Bill Gate.  My host is a Phd in computer science, and to me it is so fascinating to see what he can do with his knowlege.

A student pay tuitions in everage USD.25,000 a year. Some of them stay in campus and most of them come by their own car. The campus is very modern, and some blocks were donated by rich people like gullione and Eastman, then the block is named under their name forever, what a good legazy.  Many rich people who have hearts donate, I have seen a large house donated for the schoolmaster for example. Really very interesting.



I joined a Rotary meeting every day, and today was with RC Rush Henrietta, they were trying to make fundraising with PASTA party sometimes in March 2010. They work hard to raise funds.

Today also the weather was a bit hotter and the snow start melting in some points, that we can see some grass on the lawn.



We went several time to visit “Grocery” ……” warung bumbu”, yang namanya: Wegman, they have a lot of Wegman groceries all over USA, but the largest and the first one is in Rochester, maybe because the people who are living in these areas are the higher income populations of the US.  Wegman is Sooooooo big, out of the world, you can find anything that you imagine for living, and all are very very fresh.

When they make business in the US, the bigger the business, the larger their parking lot is, if you have visited Disneyland you can see a parking lot that is about 10 Hektare and so is for this grocery, they have parking lot that is enough for thousands of cars.


That is it for now folk, tomorrow morning I have to wake up at 4 AM to catch our flight at 6 AM, we will be in San Diego at 12.55 noon, where the Rotarians from RC La Hoja will be waiting for us at the airport. They will visit us to Bali in March and we will host them for dinner on 09 March either in Kuta or in Belimbing. They really want to make projects with D3400.

Now I need to sleep, selamat malam and sleep well. If you like to see the photoes and movies of my Cucu, you can visit:

DGE Al Purwa – Rotary Club Bali Kuta


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