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SD Mananga Aba received Clean water & books

Posted on | January 26, 2013 | No Comments

A great Water and Sanitation project has been done by Rotary Club Bali Kuta together with some clubs in Oregon USA. For centuries no one could buy a deep well around the area of Mananga Aba, Loura, Sumba Barat Daya because it is a deep stone area of about 85 meters and very expensive.

Rotary club Bali Kuta has done it again. A new deep water and submersible pomp is laid and miracle happens to change lives of hundreds of people.

The students and the people in Mananga Aba was thrilled when they were given this gift of life, and the students are very happy to get reading books, they are so eager to learn but books are luxury there.

When the school gets clean water the children will be more healthy and that way they can learn more and not staying home every time with many kind of diseases. And when the parents also get clean water, they also become more healthy and more productive in supporting their families.

We never now, one day, a great leader will be coming up from this community and thanks to Rotary to change their lives. And thanks to Rotary Club of Bali Kuta.


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