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RCBK AL RCBK HANSENToday is a super special day for RC Bali Kuta, 28-Jun-1989 Chartered, and now 28-Jun-2016 residing new meeting room, after 27 years of Services.

Simple but cozy, 20 members out of 31 members present with potluck system, everyone brought something, 2 kinds of Nasi Goreng, Ayam Bakar and Ayam Goreng, acar sambal, Kerupuk, Kue Lapis, Loempia, Kue dadar and many others. A bottle of Glenfidich 18 years single malt is also present for those who like it.

It was so amicable, everyone likes the meeting room, with real Rotary atmosphere meeting room with lots of banners from all over the world we have gathered over those years simbolizing the Internationality of this club, yes, Kuta is very international, with about 179 nationalities of the world visiting or residing this village.

The food was not the special type, but the smiles of our Rotarians are very special, and the enthusiasm to become helpful people in the surrounding, the energy brought to this room can be felt greatly, anyone new visit this meeting would be easily like to join.

Dr. Hensen (internist) is very busy with a lot of patients, he came with his family and his big gun (camera) and large smiles as always, we get free advise about how to keep our health on this age, and RC Bali Kuta is very happy to have him as our active member, his vocational is really needed.

We have quite a few Rotarians who are really active in this club as well as beyond this club in the district 3420, such as PDG Hanny Arianto, District Admin AG Julia Rivai, DDG Nyoman Suastika, AG Ngakan Winaya, President Dara Mustika and Barbara Purwa doing a lot of things for YEP inbound and outbound. And yes, PDG Aloysius Purwa who is very proud to be the Charter President of this club will become D3420 District Rotary Foundation Chair.

PDG Al has hold several International jobs in Rotary such as Assistant Zone Coordinator, Assistant Zone Public Image, Assistant Zone Rotary Foundation Chair, and 3 times appointed Rotary International President Representatives.

Looking back to those 27 years of services, many have been done, and many are still to be done ahead, people come, people go. We are also very happy to welcome back our Charter member who have been travelling around Jakarta and Surabaya, Rtn. Max Gahara, who was responsible to create unforgetable charter presentation in his hotel Kartika Plaza 27 years ago. Who can forget the dang dut dancer he flown in from Jakarta to celebrate the event.

On this special meeting, PDG Hanny Arianto also inducted 3 new Rotarians, who are very potential to be active in the community services.


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