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The Visit of DG Thomas Aquinas

Posted on | December 18, 2009 | No Comments

On the club meeting 16 Dec’09, we have the visit of DG Thomas, the start with meeting club Presidents and Club Board Committee, it was very focus on the Goals of RC Bali Kuta by examining its Club Plan for the Effective Rotary Club.

DG Thomas

On the discussions, President Ratnawati explain the goals of RC Bali Kuta to be able to obtain President Citation by doing the following as of 31 March 2010:

1. Membership: its now 25 Members including the Hon. Member Made Mangku Pastika,the Governor of Bali and  the aim is 27 Members that is approacable.

2. 7 Rotarians pledge to donate USD 1000 each this year making the total of USD 7,000

3. On Going service projects: Blood Donors for the Bali Blood Bank which was the baby of the Rotary Club Bali Kuta, Teaching Computers to the 5 elementary schools in Belimbing that we have already donated computers. Book reading competitions for the 750 children at the Rotary Village Library at Suradadi. Buying more books for this library has been completed. Developing more cultural projects at RCC Suradadi on Balinese Music and Dances. Water Project at Kalakembe, Sumba Island.

4. 4 (four Rotarians) are active in the District: DGE, AG, District Officers.

5. Putting Rotary Image at the road side of meeting places and 3 places on the project sites for public Relation purposes, 10 x on Newspapers, 5 x on TV

DG Thomas wrote a conclussion that RC Bali Kuta is an effective club and the meeting atmosphere were very amicable.

Rotary Club Bali Kuta


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