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Water for Mananga Aba and its School

Posted on | December 16, 2012 | No Comments

On My land at the Village of Mananga Aba – Ramadana, Loura, we have drilled a well and found water on 85 meter deep, RC Bali Kuta put Submersible pomp there with the costs about USD 12,000. The water is plentiful.

Now we pomped the water for the village people where for many decades they have to buy a truck of water for 3 weeks for Rp 150,000. This is considered very expensive because their income is not more then Rp 300,000 a month. So our water help is very great and much appresiated by the people of Mananga Aba.

Next we are going to help the School of Mananga Aba with water and sanitation, this school has about 150 students and more students will come to move to this school.

We also want to raise funds to our friends in Japan to buy tables and chairs and other tools and books. We are already helped by our Rotarian friends in Oregon, USA.

We hope one they will become a good village to live in. And the Government will supplements our helps buy building roads, electricity and more water in the future. And that all start with Rotary – Good things happens when Rotary comes.

Aloysius Purwa



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